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Golf Lessons with Doug Van Wickler


My philosophy


• Golf should be fun and enjoyable.
• There can be a correct and different swing for each individual.
• Practice and swing drills are the keys to success.
• Technology speeds the learning process.
• Golf instruction should be balanced between the practice tee and on course experience.
• Most importantly, neither you nor your instructor should be focused on band-aid fixes or totally rebuilding your swing.


We should be focused on the fundamentals of the swing, ball flight and getting the most out of your current abilities while looking at future improvement.

Each golfer is unique. Different body types, levels of flexibility, speed, strength, fitness, coordination are components that make every swing an original.

All instruction is tailored to a player’s personal goals, physical abilities/limitations, and knowledge of the game. When golfers make improvements, they get more enjoyment from the game and have more fun.


What I do/when available:


I believe it’s important to see ball flight when learning, and because we don’t have a full flight practice range, we use the golf course when teaching. I teach on the course either early in the day (7:00am-10:00am), or later in the day (4:00pm until dusk), so that we aren’t interrupted by play.

I offer short game and putting lessons on our practice green and short game area near the clubhouse at any time of day.


I utilize V1 Teaching software for on-the-spot video analysis. Technology speeds the learning process.

By incorporating teaching aids and tools in the lessons, along with video analysis, these things work together to help the player “feel” the changes, with real time feedback.


The Process:


Once you have loosened up, I’ll take some digital video of your swing, from face on and down the line. We will make certain your grip, stance, posture and alignment are where they need to be. We’ll look at the video and decide together, what changes might be useful while emphasizing the parts of your swing that you do well.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of your golf swing, an e-mail summary of your lesson, a written plan to improve and video of the changes.


If you have questions, email:  doug@dvwgolf.com.

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